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Charles Severne Photography has been in operation since the 1990's. Our purpose is to give Wedding Clients great photographs throughout the day, whether rain, snow, sleet, capturing little idiosyncracies that only your Wedding holds. We come from the School of Film Photography so understand the complexities of light and darkness, which knowledge we incorporate into Digital Photography, and have the latest software to go much much further than Film Photography, so that not only can you receive printed photographs, but also Photofilms, Online Sites, and we can also manipulate regular photographs into something out of a Vogue Editorial Piece.

Every Wedding is a priviledge to cover and though we have covered over 300 Weddings we are never complacent, and our eye is always working to capture something fun and different within your Wedding, but always in keeping with the actual day.

Our work has extended into working for Companies such as Canvas, Mark Humphrey Design, The Black Farmer, Genevieve Cox, Concord Stationary but also small startup companies for advertising, brochures and editorial photographs. So we have a wide range of experience that we bring into your Day!

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