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What we aim to do for you.

Everything we do is for you - from pre-production to post-production.

We would expect to have a meeting so that you can run through the timings of the day and describe any special things that you might have planned. Though many photographs are on the Website you can also see these from a portfolio with printed photographs.

Because photography will be centred around you, it is important that you like whoever you choose, so during the meeting make sure that you like us and are confident that we will capture your day to your satisfaction.

We will explain all the different formats that these photographs can be supplied to you after the event, much of which is explained in the Pricing section of the website. The costing will be centred around what you decide that you want but can be changed later, if you decide that you want to add things or subtract them.

We are adaptable.


Always a good way to get to know each other is for us to do some engagement photographs wherever you like. This could be in our Studio, at your home or on a location. Sometimes this will be included in the price and at other times a charge might have to be made.


They always say that you get what you pay for. In this day of age I am not sure that is true but you certainly will receive what you pay for here. The minimal price of a wedding will start at £500 but please do not let us deceive you. Most weddings are charged in excess of £1800 depending on what you want. Please look at the Pricing Page and this will give you a good indication.


Please contact us via the Online Form or by Email to schedule a meeting. .

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